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Shower & Luncheon Specials

Off Site –  Shower & Luncheon Specials

. House Specialty .

  • Starting at $13.45 Per Person

  • Boneless Chicken Entree
  • Pasta Selection
  • Fresh Garden or Caesar Salad
  • Rolls & Butter
  • Assorted Fresh Fruits
  • Crudites w/ Ranch Dip
  • Imported Cheese & Crackers
  • Assorted Relishes
  • 6-8 Assorted Chef’s Side Salads
  • Silk Floral Arrangements for the Buffet Table
  • All Disposable Set ups (Plates, Silverware, Napkins)

. Little Hot Little Cold .

  • Starting at $14.95 Per Person

  • White Albacore Tuna
  • Tarragon Chicken Salad
  • Caesar Salad w/ Homemade Dressing
  • Michigan Cherry House Salad & Dressing
  • Croissants & Assorted Bakery Breads
  • Assorted Fresh Fruits
  • Crudites w/ Ranch Dip
  • Imported Cheese & Crackers
  • Assorted Relishes
  • 6-8 Assorted Chef’s Side Salads
  • Silk Floral Arrangements for the Buffet Table
  • All Disposable Set Up  (Plates, Silverware, Napkins)

. Sit Down Luncheon .

  • Starting at $10.95 Per Person

  • Choice of One Salad Entree
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Antipasto
  • Cobb
  • Fresh Fruit Cup
  • Homemade Rolls & Butter
  • Freshly Baked Cookies & Brownies

. Fire & Ice Shower Special .

  • Starting at $24.95 Per Person
  • Course 1: Starter:
  • Imported Cheese and Crackers w/Assorted Fruits
  • Course 2: Soup or Salad
  • Your choice of one of our homemade soups or Caesar,Michigan Cherry, Mixed Green Salad
  • Course 3:  Pasta
  • Your choice of one of our specialty pasta dishes
  • Course 4: Main Course
  • Your choice of one selection of :
  • Chicken
  • Beef or Pork
  • Potato
  • Vegetable
  • Course 5: Final Episode
  • your choice of Chef Scott’s Layered Whipped Mousse or Michigan Cheesecake w/a 3 berry topping

All Parties under 25 people add $4.00 per person plus $100 delivery fee. Any Event under 50 people add $2.00 more per person. (50 Person minimum in June unless otherwise negotiated.)  All Prices Subject to a 19% Service fee and 6% Sales tax

. Chicken Selections .

Baked Chicken

Our breaded baked chicken, seasoned in herbs

Broiled Chicken

Tender chicken broiled with paprika and butter

Fried Chicken

Breaded in herbs and deep fried to perfection

Rosemary Chicken

Select pieces of chicken marinated with Dijon mustard, rosemary and garlic, then oven roasted

Chicken Paprikash

Select pieces of chicken lightly seasoned and topped with fresh bell peppers

Chicken Supreme

Our famous sauteed chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, mushrooms and our own veloute sauce.  Our most popular dish

Chicken Piccata

Boneless breast of chicken flour battered, then sauteed with lemon, garlic, artichoke hearts and capers

Chicken Divan

Boneless breast of chicken sauteed with a wine and butter sauce, then covered with fresh broccoli, onions and a delicious cheese sauce

Chicken Marsala

Boneless breast of chicken sauteed and deglazed with Marsala wine, then topped with Portabella Mushrooms

Chicken Toscanini

Select pieces of boneless breast of chicken stir-fried to perfection in olive oil with tender pasta and garlic in a cream sauce

Hawaiian Chicken

Select pieces of boneless chicken breast seared to golden brown, then topped with a fruit glaze and garnished with fresh fruit

Chicken Parmesean

Boneless breast of chicken, breaded, fried and baked with spaghetti sauce, then topped with mozarella cheese

Chicken Teriyaki

Boneless breast of chicken marinated in our own Teriyaki sauce

Lemon Chicken

Chicken breast sauteed in a white wine and lemon sauce

Chicken Monerey

Sauteed chicken breast topped with peppers, onions and zucchini in a creamy wine sauce, then topped with Monterey Jack cheese

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken breast stuffed with Swiss cheese and thinly sliced ham, then breaded and baked
(Add $2.00 Per Person)


. Pasta Selections .


Mostaccioli noodles boiled to perfection and smothered in a hearty meat sauce or marinara sauce.

Fettuccini Alfredo

Fettuccini noodles blended together with an Alfredo sauce


Thin Spaghetti

A special kind of pasta prepared with garlic butter sauce.


Rotini pasta noodles in a marinara or meat sauce

Linguini w/ White Clam Sauce

Thin linguini noodles cooked to perfection and topped with a delicious clam sauce

Pasta Primavera

A special dish of rotini noodles, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini and red peppers in a garlic & oil wine sauce

Tortellini & Rotini Mix

A mix of rotini noodles and cheese stuffed tortellini, topped with our own special meat sauce, marinara sauce or alfredo sauce

(Add $1.00 Per Person)

Pasta & Cheddar

A curled noodle with our special Crank’s cheddar cheese sauce



Homemade goodness! Broad noodles piled high, layered with ricotta, mozarella and provolone cheeses with a tasty meat sauce

(Add $2.00 Per Person)


A giant noodle stuffed with ricotta and wine cheeses, then covered in our tasty meat sauce and topped with mozerella cheese

(Add $2.00 Per Person)


Same as Manicotti except it’s stuffed with lamb, veal and spinach

(Add $2.00 Per Person)

Stuffed Shells

A large shell stuffed with a blend of ricotta and parmesean cheeses, then topped with marinara sauce and baked mozzarella

(Add $2.00)


. Desserts .

Assorted Desserts

  • Assorted Homemade Cookies $1.00 per person
  • Homemade Individual Mini Tarts $1.50 per person
  • Rice Pudding $1.50 per person
  • Cookies & Brownies Mix $2.00 per person
  • Cannoli & Eclair Mix $2.00 per person
  • Assorted Pies $2.00 per person
  • Cheese Cake $2.00 per person
  • Crank’s Famous Carrot Cake $2.50 per person


  • Cranks Famous Carrot Cake (Round) $40.00 ea
  • 1/2 Sheet Cake $45.00 ea | $65.00 decorated
  • Full Sheet Cake $65.00 ea | $65.00 decorated
  • Full Sheet Brownies $75.00 ea

Sweets Table

  • Mini Sweets Table
  • Mini Cannolies
  • Mini Chocolate Eclairs
  • Assorted Cookies
  • Individual Mini Tarts
  • Brownies

$4.95 per person

Complete Sweets Table

  • Mini Chocolate Eclairs
  • Mini Cannolies
  • Mini Petit Fours
  • Assorted Mini Strudels
  • Assorted Fresh Groumet Cakes
  • Mini Fudge Cakes
  • English Cream Puffs
  • Assorted Neapolitans
  • Crank’s Famous Carrot Cake

$6.95 per person

Chocolate Fountain Rental

  • $5.95 per person over 100 people
  • $6.95 per person under 100 people

Additional Services

  • Melody Fruit Punch Bowl $50.00 (serves 50-60 glasses)
  • Spiked Melody Fruit Punch Bowl $65.00 (serves 50-60 glasses)
  • Champagne Punch (Mimosa) $60.00 (serves 50-60 glasses)
  • Fountain Rental $75.00
  • Chair Covers w/ Sash $3.00 per chair

All prices are subject to a 19% service fee and 6% sales tax (Internet Prices are subject to change)

$100/hour Room Rental on all showers

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